Dineo Hlongwane

An African driven purpose

Dineo Hlongwane, project coordinator

Zettuu (digital solutions for African entrepreneurs)

At her own pace

“Trust the timing of life.”

We may live in hurried, pressured times; but Dineo Hlongwane is learning to trust life’s flow.

The ‘plant mom’ has learned this lesson in part because of her plants.

“Plants are a daily reminder to trust the timing of life.”

Becoming Dineo

Dineo was raised by her grandparents and her mother. Their collaborative care exposed her to what’s available to us when we live in community. It fuelled in her a purpose-driven outlook, a Pan-African ethos, and a belief in the necessity of celebrating Africa’s humanity.

“We’re all talented,” she says.

“I am in the process of becoming. It’s a matter of embracing where you are.”

In this way, Dineo is very much like Africa, the continent coming into her own.

And just like Africa, she has so much to offer the world.

“What I live by, being purpose-driven, that’s what makes me feel like I’m fit for this.”