Mia Melange

Designing her future

Jeanneke Malan, co-owner and director

Mia Melange (Interior décor and lifestyle company)

Finding her own way

It was a very difficult decision.”

Jeanneke Malan’s family have traditional careers: her brother is an engineer, sister an accountant, and Jeanneke studied architecture.

But she ditched architecture for business.

The entrepreneurial fire first began with her grandfather, Daniel Malan.

“He arrived here with literally nothing,” Jeanneke says.

Growing as she goes

Daring to go into business was hard.

“It was a very difficult decision for me because I had studied, collectively, for nine years. It kind of felt like a waste,” Jeanneke says.

“I had to learn everything. I didn’t even know what a point of sale was!” It was a rewarding process which taught her who she was as a businesswoman.

“I decided to be the kind of boss [I wanted to have],” Jeanneke says. “It’s great because I still get to be creative, but I also enjoy the business side of it,” she says.

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