Nubian Queen on 101

Susan Granger – her time is NOW (and always)

Susan Granger, founder and creative director 

Nubian Queen on 101 (luxury bag brand)

Extra-ordinary founder, extra-ordinary brand

“Being creative is a soul thing.”

“Africans are unique... our flair is different!” Susan Granger’s view of Africa just as easily describes her. She is bold, confident, and vocal.

“I’m not scared to be seen,” she says. “You will see me and you will remember me.”

In the same way, the bags made by her business, Nubian Queen on 101, dazzle. They are designed to outlast trends, with unique and specific stitching. The true kicker is the inside; made of red suede, with an impressive feel.

From Africa to the world

Despite not being a designer, Susan is still able to realise her vision and creative needs. “Being creative is a soul thing. It’s a feeling thing. Being authentic.”

This same vision catapulted her to lucrative fashion markets such as Paris and New York. The African market was harder to crack – a classic case of the proverbial prophet without honour at home.

Susan remains undeterred. “I am timeless and can thrive anywhere!”

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