Elias Chikoto

Inspiring Africans to empower Africa

 Elias Chikoto, advisor

Zettuu (digital solutions for African entrepreneurs)

Enriched by community

“The main driver is the African entrepreneur.

Elias Chikoto’s childhood was quintessentially African: he is the eldest of five, but there were always relatives around, and he was never lonely.

For these lessons in community and empathy, he has his parents to thank.

“The biggest lesson it taught me is how we are all interconnected. The community was an extension of family. I don’t look at the world as isolated places,” Elias says.

An MBA graduate, a management consultant, a student of agriculture

Working in agriculture has given Elias an appreciation of how engagement is essential to a community’s success.

“A lot of NGOs fail because they don’t take into consideration the views and motivations of communities,” he says.  “There are so many great ideas [already] which work within them.”

This view of African solutions by Africans makes him perfect for the work Zettuu is doing.

“Profit is important for long term sustainability, but it’s not the main driver, the main driver is the African entrepreneur.”