Changing mindsets, fostering kindness

Nicholas Smit, co-founder 

Nicole Vergos, co-founder 

Smergos (Quality, affordable wheelchair bag brand)

Making opportunity a lifestyle

“Our disability is a part of us, it doesn’t define us.”

Nicole Vergos, who spent much of her childhood in and out of hospital because of britle bones.

“I was born with my disability, so I’ve never known something else,” she says. 

Her business partner, Nicholas Smit, agrees. 

“If you speak to empowered people with disabilities, there will be a common thread; which is that we have a built-in problem-solving thing going on. The world is basically made for able-bodied people, and we have to come up with [our] own plans.”  

Perspective is everything

“Our disability is a part of us, it doesn’t define us,” Nicole insists. “You almost get engulfed by this grey and black wheelchair, and people see that before they see you.”

The wheelchair bags made by Smergos reinforce the necessity to mainstream disability awareness. It’s about making sure that other wheelchair-mobile children do not feel like social pariahs in mainstream culture.

Community, not product, is the core of their business.

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