As Africans we create like no other.
Our offerings embody the same level of beauty, ingenuity and cost effectiveness of others.
But this is not our differentiating factor.
Our differentiating factor is that, as a creative force, we can distill the truths of an entire continent. 
We know that engagement with Africa leaves a lasting impression of unfiltered pride, and creative freedom.
Our creations are not restricted by conventional business and product limitations.
We create products that are more. Products that say: “I see your humanity. I see your dignity, and respect.”
We realise that we will claim our place in the world when we stop ignoring the intangible qualities that embody anything African-produced, stop playing the game by other manufacturers’ rules, and start to bring together and enable the Africans who create our products.
 We should let the world see, experience, and fall in love with the honest, caring, and conscientious Africa that lives outside of the media, pop-culture and cliched imaginations.
That is why at Zettuu we embrace our continent’s truths, strive to enable its creators, and connect them to the greater world in a way that drives success.

That’s why, at Africa Reimagine we:

  • Craft truthfully
  • Connect honestly
  • And celebrate our authenticity