Katie McKenzie

Katie McKenzie: a brand that transcends trends

 Katie McKenzie, designer and founder

Katie McKenzie (Luxury and sustainable accessory brand)

 Art you can wear

 “Art around your neck.”

In the world of design – a simple innovation can open creators up to a whole universe. Katie McKenzie has put this principle to use in her eponymous business, which takes a fashion staple – the scarf – and adds luxury to it by adapting original artwork for the designs. Katie calls it, “Art around your neck.”

Classic and timeless

Katie briefly studied fine art, but the environment was not for her.

Following her own path led to her being approached by Warner Brothers to be one of the few artists around the world to create art for the release of the Wonder Woman movie.

She creates timeless pieces, and everything in her life, from her awareness of the earth to her love of design across different fields – influences the brand.

“I knew if it did not represent my values and what I believed in – I would not love it or be able to keep it going,” she said.

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